I rip my smile 
just right
and spin the raw material
like a fine thread of silhouette-black
that flickers in your mind.
I hide my desire,
and you hide your eyes,
but both of us enjoy the feeling
of things slipping through fingers—
so we spread each one
in unutterable lust,
not noticing 
the cold-blooded murder
of our anticipations.
My voice 
is a carpet burn
and your tongue 
is quicksilver— so much more 
than the just-pleasant-distractions 
that mouths make,
so we never had 
the faintest apprehension
as our skin swallowed us 
the same way
likes to ravage 
leaving the telltale traces on lips
as they devour each other,
I confess my sins
but it’s your name scattered
that changes the curve of your smile—
and the way you speak
in scratch-mark tones
of opulent blue and grey
leaves us both 
living in the perfect gradient of seduction
of elusive body parts.

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