Stars end

We were like two suns,
Fighting for the same heaven.
Two titans, diminishing each other-
As though the Dawn could set its rage against the Dusk.
Each questing to illumine The Moon,
As she climbs ephemeral twilight.

If this Sun had hands,
He’d reach and run a finger along
her sweeping curves;
Caressing each mound with a familiar touch,
She’d light up for him like a lantern
Hanging in the sky.

And if she glowed for another sun,
He would burn hotter still,
Blazing for her,
Burning himself,
Consumed in a devouring inferno.
Becoming one with a blacked sky.

There, to be the night for her,
There, that she might shine in her silvery glow,
There, to be her shade as she reveals her face in moments.
There, to wander with her along the evening’s shore.
For all men look to her,
And she is where all stars end.

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